Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rylan's New Toy( Pic's of a early B-day Present)

Here's some pics I want to share. It's  Rylan's new toy he got for a early B-day present. Daddy and Grandpa put it together.He loves it and we all have been on it every night. Let me tell you it is a awesome work out lol. As you can tell also we do have a net that is up around it and it 's not for Rylan it's for me lol. I didn't get pics of it put all up yet. Thanks for coming to see Rylan's new toy.


  1. Oh how cute! Glad he loves it! ☺


  2. What a fun new toy!! The kids next door to us have one with a net. I think it is for their dad. He gets on it with them all the time. Looks to be so much fun!! :)

  3. How fun! A treat for the whole family. Happy Early B-day Ryan.
    So that's why there is no card today!! Sigrid is too busy jumping on the trampoline!!

  4. very fun!! Glad he has beautiful weather to really break it in! :) so much fun!
    I think you may be right Krista!

  5. I did comment on this . . . but it's not here.

    I said, No wonder there was not a card posted . . . you have been too busy playing on the T!!!
    Fun family times!

  6. Ohh what fun. You will all love it.