Sunday, May 8, 2011

Flowers And Flowers Hop Day 2

Well Happy Mothers Day  you crafty moms out there. For day 2 of the hop I wanted to share what I made for the moms at my church.I made mother survival kits which have a button, rubber band a kiss a hug, pencil,lifesaver,mint,candle,toothpick,band aid,teabag.Now I'm going to share what the meaning of them are
1.A candy hug and kiss to remind you of the power you get from lots of hugs and kisses
2.A button to remind you to button your lips(sometimes)
3.A lifesaver to remind you of the times others need your help,and you need theirs.
4.A candle to light your way when things are in their darkest.
5.A toothpick to remind you to pick out good qualities in others.
6. A rubber band to remind you to be flexible;things may not always go the way you want,but they always work out.
7. A band-aid to remind you to help heal hurt feelings, yours and someone else's
8.A pencil to remind you to list your blessings and the eraser to remind you that everyone makes mistakes and it's OK.
9. A mint because your worth a mint!
10.A tea bag to remind you to take time for've earned it!

I thought this was  a wonderful  idea for moms and gives them encouragement. I put this all in a clear bag tied with ribbons and being this is a flowers hop put a lovely flower on it. Enjoy your day moms out there and hop on to the next awesome crafter is


  1. Great list! Flowers are my favorite right now.

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  2. So cute, Sigrid! I LOVE IT! :)

  3. What a great idea and I bet everyone was so happy to get these. Thanks for sharing
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  4. you are so wonderful, everyone is blessed to have you in their lives. Thanks for sharing!!

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  5. Love your Survival kit
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  6. What a great gift!

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  7. cute idea--did you make for friends that are moms?

  8. Happy Mothers Day Sigrid!! Thanks for sharing such a Super Idea for mom's!! Thanks for being part of a very creative and Beautiful flowers, Blog Hop!!
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  9. This is awesome. I may lift this one for my church friends. Awesome!!!
    I'm a follower.
    Thanks for the chance to win.
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  10. What a great idea, a survival kit. Thanks for sharing.