Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nothing but my high heels on

So it is people my hubby's valentines card I had made him. He laughed when I gave it to him. I wanted to make a sexy kinda card and I loved the sentiment . The funny thing is I should have put tennis shoes on there instead of high heels cause I can not wear high heels for nothing , so lets pretend I can lol.  I got the legs from pop up everyday . They were on a pregnant lady image lol and I just cut her out at 10 or 10 and a half and cut the legs off. I then added glossy accents like 3 coats so the shoes looked raised off the card. I then added bling, boa, and the sentiment. The sentiment is on creative time with Emma die that I cut out and then stamped the image on. I hope you all either laughed at this card or you got red in the face by looking at it. Lol either way I hoped you enjoyed my special card for my special guy. Thanks for stopping bye c-ya later.


  1. oh this is darling, I love how you got creative and found the legs!


  2. It's Perfect! You did a fabulous job!

  3. How cute! Loved it haha.


  4. This gal is such a fun idea, Sigrid!! I am sure that your hubby did like it! I know mine would!!