Saturday, February 5, 2011

Yeah Another Blog Award and Simple Card

I'm so excited I received another blog award from faith from faithful creation thanks so much faith. Now to tell you more about myself so here is three more things to know.First  my favorite flower is daisies.Second I have a pug dog and her name is Daisy lol funny I know.Third I'm a movie lover I have seen almost every movie on DVD that has came out so if you ever want to know if it's good just ask me. OK I'm passing this award on to one of the most crafty  ladies I know and also a wonderful person KinderStampo. I know she has been awarded a ton but she's deserves it.  thanks again. Now on to my card it's a cutie don't you think ? Enjoy the day.


  1. I think you are on a roll with very cute designs. Oops, no pun in tended. Love them, they are adorable. Congratulation.

  2. I LOVE IT! Your card is WAY CUTE!

  3. adorable card and WHAT was your award???